Brian Heron

Brian Heron
Vice President of Retail
Specialties: Retail

Scope of Service Experience
A seasoned commercial real estate professional, Brian Heron has over thirty-two years of experience in the field and is an expert in the retail sector. With humble beginnings, Brian began his career in 1984 as a tenant representative agent for a small franchise, quick service hot dog company. Early on, though the wage was not great, he learned to value the hands-on and character-building experience – it was priceless.

Brian moved on to represent numerous retail developers, many national and regional retail chains, in California and the contiguous states. To date, Brian has been involved with the development in leases and sales of over 250 shopping centers with over 4.5 million square feet. Brain extends a great level of service in all aspects of the retail real estate business – in his words, “From dirt to Disneyland,” meaning from land to leased investment.

Ultimately, Brian learned long ago and understands that commercial real estate, at its core, meets the needs of the people. It’s not all about land, bricks, and mortar – though they are important – one of the greatest aspect of what Brian does is “job creation.” With development, with every lease and with every leased investment bought or sold, the needs of people have been met and job creation has occurred.

Background & Experience
As a retail specialist, Brian currently focuses on multi-unit regional and national chain expansions – rollouts – throughout California and the contiguous states. Brain has established a cooperative brokerage network that empowers him to lead and uniformly manage the controlled expansions and growth for his retail chain clients.

Brian’s analytical skills coupled with his market knowledge, attention to detail, and perseverance has made him a valuable asset in all leased investment sale transactions. Brian currently is involved in approximately $50MM of leased investment sale per year. He is genuinely passionate about the commercial real estate industry and is fully committed to meeting the objectives and expectations of every client, every time.

Brian lives in Modesto, California, and has since 1990. He has a love for God and a love for his wife, Grace, for thirty-one years. They have three children, Brittney Heron-Smith, Ryan, and Christopher. They have five grandchildren, Michael, Owen, Jacob, Rhett, and Noah. Brian is active in his local church and community. He is an avid sailor, cyclist, and enjoys traveling with his wife.

Strategic Clients
In-Shape Health Clubs, Shopko, Buffalo Wild Wings, Corner Bakery